Exciting New Cruise Destinations From Lifts To


We’ve got some thrilling news to drop – Lifts To is spreading its wings (or should I say sails?) to new horizons, and we can’t wait to share the excitement with you.


Europe’s Calling:
Prepare your clients for the fascinating allure of Bergen and Oslo in Norway, where fjords meet culture in a dance as old as time. And let’s not forget Porto in Portugal, a city that’s practically poetry in architecture.

Porto Cruise Transfer
Americas Adventure:
Across the pond, we’ve added gems like Montreal and Halifax in Canada, each a story waiting to unfold. Down south, we’re bringing the rhythm to Lima and Valparaiso in South America. But that’s not all – say hello to Baltimore, San Juan, Tampa, and even the musical haven of Nashville (yes, for those river cruises that hit all the right notes) in the US.
Tampa Cruise Transfers

But Why Lifts To?

Now, let’s shine a spotlight on why Lifts To is the pearl in the ocean of cruise transfer providers. 🚢💎

  1. Specialist Attention: Cruise industry, meet your match! We get that your sector needs more TLC. Our in-house customer service team is on it, ensuring optimum pre and post-travel satisfaction for your customers.
  2. Quality Over Quantity: We’re not in the business of settling. We only work with suppliers who speak the language of cruise passengers and excel in the art of great transfer services. Quality is our middle name – figuratively, of course.
  3. Building Bridges, Not Walls: We’re not just partners but companions on this seafaring journey. Lifts To believes in forging long-term relationships and adapting to the market’s unpredictable tides. Flexibility is our secret weapon.
  4. Customer Service Anchored in Dedication: Your peace of mind is our priority. That’s why you’ll have a dedicated account manager at your service, plus 24/7, 365 days of customer support. We’re happily in the background, ensuring everything sails smoothly.
  5. CLIA Crew: We’re not just waving from the shore; we’re in the cruise community, boots (or deck shoes) on the ground. Being a proud member of CLIA isn’t just a badge; it’s our commitment to the cruise cause.

Our commitment to excellence, customer service, and building lasting relationships is the wind in our sails.
Don’t miss the boat! Ensure your clients experience the magic of Bergen, Oslo, Porto, and more. Get in touch now.

Cheers to smooth seas and exciting destinations,