Must see tourist attractions in the South of France

The South is a great holiday spot, not only because you’ ll be able to gorge on tasty cheeses, delicious wines and enjoy a Mediterranean climate (what more would expect from France of course…!) But because there are plenty of great sights and sounds to be seen.
Amazingly there are Over 40 UNESCO World Heritage sites listed in Aquitaine, Midi Pyrenes and Languedoc-Rouyssilon regions, but it’s not all Cathedrals and Chateaux’s – in addition to these delights you’ll find plenty more to explore….

Gorges du Verdon

This breath taking river canyon has been referred to as Frances answer to the Grand Canyon. At 25km long and 700 metres deep its picturesque turquoise water attracts plenty of tourists. At the end of the canyon the river joins the Saint Croix du Verdon lake. And there’s lots to do here, hire a kayak to explore, white water raft, water ski, fish, horse ride, hike –you name it! The area is also well known for its rock climbing.
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La Dune du Pyla

It’s a bit of a hike to the top, but worth the view. This sand dune is  the biggest in Europe stretching 2,700m and 108m high! But when you do reach the top you’ll get a view of Archachon town, the Les Landes forest and of course the Atlantic Ocean. At the bottom there’s plenty of cafes for a rest- you’ll need it! The photo alone sells it to us.
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Avignon – Le Palais des Papes

Located in the centre of Provenca, Le Palais des Papes is Europes biggest Gothic Palace. It has plenty of open rooms giving visitors an insight into the historic events that went on there, in addition to works of art and other events that change thoughout the year –it is currently stage to the Avignon Thetre Festival. Four  impressive towers and ajoined to the Pont Saint Benezet bridge you can take in plently of culure at this truly special place.
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Nimes Amphitheatre

An incredible sight, believe it or not you are in France not Italy, but this city is closely linked to its Roman past. Scattered with roman monuments including the Maison Carrée and the temple of Diana. In Nimes you will find yourself in winding streets hiding unusual  boutiques and art galleries. We recommend taking a tour to get the most out of the history.
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Carcassonne Castle

Carcassonne is famous for its medieval walled city. ‘Cite de Carcassonne’ is another UNESCO World Heritage Site in the South of France. Its of very impressive size and stature. Surrounded by the Canal Du Midi you will get a real taste of medieval France on your visit here, plus with free admission you’ve got more money to spend the artisanal shop and lunch why not try the regional delicacy –casoulette. Yum..


Bordeaux – Mirror Lake at Place de la Bourse

There is more to Bordeaux that great wines (although we would highly recommend a tasting on your visit!) The mirror lake or Miroir D’eau is a feast for the eyes and is even better at night time where the stunning reflection of the Place de la Bourse comes to life. Its made from granite slabs and 2cm of water that acts as a mirror and even turns into a cloud of mist making for some fantastic photo opportunities, not to be missed if you are in Bordeaux.

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